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Vastu Yantra

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Vastu Yantra

Vastu Yantras are scared objects made of metal or royal treasure like gold, silver, copper and other,helps in discarding ill effects of wrongly placed or constructed houseor other places and different sorts of Vastu defects. Vastu Yantras are that objects which are installed in a place for discarding negative energy and malefic effect. These Yantras are placed usually inside a house or building at places like puja room or on shelf and in several cases placed under the earth during foundation or construction of buildings.Using of these Yantas is beneficial from many aspects and recommended by Vastu experts when there is very little orno option to correct the Vastu defect by basic means.

There are several Vastu Yantras intended for construction flaw of house or other places or for several Vastu defects and to bring prospects, growth or success in life.These Yantras are Kuber Yantra, Mahalakshmi Narayan Yantra,Shree Yantra, Ganesh Yantra, Surya Yantra, Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra,Vishnu Yantra and Durga Bisa Yantra. Kuber Yantra is used togain wealth and preserving of acquired money. Mahalaxmi Narayan Yantra is placed or kept for prosperity, food grains, for perfection and attainment of high goals in life. Shree Yantra is used to gain name, fame, prosperity and salvation.Ganesh Yantra is used to active the ambience and to remove hurdles in work or money flow. Vishnu Yantra is meant for the accomplishment of task and attaining mercy in the form of success and achievement. Durga Bisa Yantra is intended for good health, good fate and wealth. Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra is used to pacify malignant effects or dosh of house or home that may arise from Vastu defect and from various other issues. The other different Yantras are meant for particular purpose of use and are used to kepping at bay the negativity from home or other business places and to channelize the positive energy in order to correct Vastu dosh and to bring peace, happiness, success and prosperity in life.

People wants to know that where to find Vastu Yantras should generally be placed in the north or north-east directions facing the south or south-east direction in a roomand Shree Yantra is to be placed in the east facing the west or Lord Kuber Yantra is to be placed in the north facing south or in the east facing west. Two or more than two Yantras can be placed together in a place or in puja room, but in that case a Lord Kuber Yantra should be positioned at the extreme left hand side when looking to the Yantras and the Shree Yantra should be positioned in the exact centre of the group.Yantras should have to be worshiped in order to establish it and the puja procedure follows the steps like bathing the Yantra in the morning, offering a flower, lighting a incense and oil lamp and chanting the deity mantra or mantra of the Yantra a minimum of 9 times.The Yantra establishment guidelines that has been laid down in the Vastu Shastra discussed above should be followed properly or else a Yantra would not be energized.You also can book appointment with vastu consultat in india for correct information and consultation of vastu yantra.

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