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Vastu for Wealth

Vastu for Wealth

Wealth makes living better. If a person is wealthy he can leave a life with full of luxuries and comfort. When somebody becomes wealthy he enhance living of his own and as well as his spouse or children and family members.So, in this respect gaining more wealth adds to more comfort in living. Gaining more and more wealth isalways a most coveted thought of each and every people. But, unfortunately very few of us can make much wealth. Rest has to be satisfied with their respective incomes or earnings. Following continuous change regard to time over decade and following price rise many people often failed to cope with the contemporary market condition.Therefore, these people keep haunting for generating more income. With the help of Vastu the desire of gaining wealth or generating more income can be fulfilled.Yes, you heard right. Vastu, the ancient practise of Hindu system of architecture has answer to the most frequent thought and asked question how to make more money or wealth.

According to this theory, Lord Kuber is the Lord of Wealth. When He is pleased with someone shower wealth on the concerned person. So, it is clear that pleasing Lord Kuber would help you in fulfilling your wealth dream. But how to please the lord? Or how he would be pleased with someone? That is the question Vastu have made the answer of which simple with its remedies to gain wealth or make money. Sages of ancient India laid down the principles of resorting to remedies mentioned in Vastu for the purpose of making more money or gaining wealth. Following the same mainly at home and other placeso ne can easily make his or her more income or earning generating thought a reality or can fulfil the dream gaining more wealth. In Vastu it is strongly believed that five elements of the universe or Panch Tattva and the 16 Mahavastu zones determine how one think or react and can be gainer in life. Perfect Vastu maintained homes attract wealth.

Besides, gaining an individual appreciation and value in the society, a beautiful entrance brings in happiness and prosperity too. If that is sloppy and unkempt, then troubles will hound. Therefore, the entrance of a house has to be in proper direction in order to bring in flow of money in life. A north Vastu entrance brings good career opportunities and monetary success, while south-west door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems. According to Vastu, the east entrance brings peace and the west entrance brings in wealth and prosperity.In the north vastu zone, blue is considered as the main colour. Avoiding red shade, designating space for kitchen and toilet is recommended. It is also advised not to place a dustbin, broom, washing machine, mixer-grinder here, as kitchen represents fire and with wrong placements in this area will dilute money, opportunities and career.Keeping a money plant in a green vase, or hang a scenery showing a lush field or thick forest in north zone helps in this regard.The north-west Vastu zone is that zone which gets you financial support of banks and relevant persons in your ventures. Maintaining Vastu in this zone is important. 

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