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Vastu for Toilet

Vastu for Toilet

The place to where we travel frequently is bathroom or toilet. We often goes in this room either for taking bath or for defecation purposes. But, we may not know that the bathroom or toilet is the place which tends to become or is a major source of bringing negative energy to our home, building or other places or erections. Following that according to Vastuit must be paid special attention while constructing in order to keep at bay the negative energy from the environment concerned or else will results in bringing of negativity to the place by channelizing the same. Therefore, the ancient Indian Hindu study or practise of architecture system Vastu,paid special attention to laid down the direction forconstruction of bathroom or toilet and its internal arrangement principles.

The principles in this regard closely observed and tested in order to evaluate their efficacy and havefinally been laid down for the interest of the human. According to Vastu,bathroom or toilet of a home must be separated and not to be attached. This is to be followed while constructing a bathroom or toilet because keeping negativity away from your living or working place is required in order to bring prospect, happiness and prosperity. As, we cannot bath or defecate in open, the attached room that is used for these purposes found a way into our homes.Therefore, it is recommended to pay special attention for constructing of this room. Otherwise you will get trouble like weak finances, loss of money by various means, mental tension and stress, frequent lethal and minor accidents etc.Bathroom or Toilet Vastu is actually a guideline which deals with its direction and internal or interior arrangements. According to Vastu,bathroom should be located in the west or north west-sides of the building or home or other places and should not be built in the eastern or north-eastern sides or in the south-east, south-west, or in the centre of the building.Bathroom should be built 30–60cm (1 or 2 feet) above the ground.Windows of bathroom or toilet should be set or placed in the north or east side of the room, sun falling on the body after bathing is good.Bath tubs if any should be placed in the northeast, west, or east sides of the room.Bathroom walls has to be painted using white, sky blue or other light shade colours and black or dark red colours should be avoided while painting bathroom or toilet. The drainage management should be made in a way, so that water could leave the room from the east or northeast side and not from south-west or south-east directions. 

These above mentioned principles of directions and internal or interior arrangement of bathroom or toilet should be followed strictly while constructing toilet to ensure that no negative energy could make its way through your space. As, construction of bathroom according to Vastu is a very tricky matter, it will be proved good and beneficial to consult best Vastu Expert in this regard before making a construction.

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