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Vastu for Shop

Vastu for Shop

A shop is a place or area measured in width and length and decorated accordingly for the purpose of selling and buying of products or goods. It is also termed as showroom and is the place where stocks are placed in proper order for selling. It is the place for doing business and the place which meets people’s needs.Ultimate success of a shop is depended upon the ratio of purchasing and selling taking place in per day or per month or per financial year. A shop keeper benefited from selling of goods, as selling offers a certain percentage of profit to the shop keeper.The Vastu arrangement for a shop is important in order to see profit in regular trading, which indeed would add to the success of a shop or showroom.Vastu tips for shop or showroom are intended for boosting trading and bringing prospects in business. But, Vastu tips are only applicable to constructed shop or showroom and not for road side hawker corner or any temporary structural trading corner.

As per Vastu, different goods trading in different direction or facing shop or showroom is proved to be profit able. North and east facing shops are good for trading of consumable light items like textile, stationery items, food items, sweets and medical items or medicines. South-east corner shops are ideal for electrical and fire oriented items like air condition, electrical goods or agricultural products and fast food items. East facing shops are good for the trading of items like perfume, telecommunication products and good for support service offer.Dealing with heavy items like coal, tyres, iron or marbles is to be best in sittingin south-west corner shops. The weight we keep in our showrooms should not hinder the movement of the earth. Keeping that in mind the principles for keeping light weight and heavy weight things or goods in shop or showroom has been decided in Vastu. The heavy weight things or goods should be kept in the south-west corner and the light weight things or goods should be placed in the north-east corner of the shop. This rule of Vastu is applicable in all shops or showrooms irrespective of direction and material sold in the shop. The setting arrangement should be made in a way that the owner of the shop while sitting faces east or north. The cash box should have to be placed facing the east or north direction only.

Following these all above mentioned tips in shop or showroom would add to the benefit of the shop keeper by enhancing trading and bringing prospects in business. It is recommended to consult a Vastu expert before setting up a shop or for making its internal arrangements, as per Vastu it is important to look the aspects of Vastu in a shop or showroom for making profit and the shop or the showroom a profitable one. As, each and every direction laid down in Vastu and principles of the practise of this subject are beneficial, following these during shop construction or internal arrangements will proved to be beneficial as instruction given by Vastu Expert.

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