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Vastu for Residence

Vastu for Residence

Vastu for residence refers to the norms or rules of measurements of plots, building construction and interior arrangement of residential or dwelling buildings, like apartments, flats, homes laid down in Vastu Shastra in order to bring success, happiness, physical stability and mental peace. Vastu, the practise of channelizing positive energy and keeping away negative energy from a place or an environment, that comes with the combination of all science, art, Astronomy and Astrology throws light on utilization of all the five elements of the universe for the purpose of humanity and to make the life of human beings more prosperous, successful, peaceful and growth full.

According to Vastu Shastra, the most ancient Hindu system of architecture design, every place or environment created with a particular intention has its own nature, feature,direction and every direction on earth exerts cosmicenergy. Vastu,during the full course of residence construction and its interior management like measurement of plot to construction of building tointerior designing points out the directions in which a construction or partition has to be made and direct the sides where things to be placed in order to create a place or an environment a congenial setting. In Vastu Sashtra,it is observed and believed that by making places or environment scientific and by channelizing positive energy through a space with keeping negative energy awaysuccess, growth, happiness and prosperity in human life can be brought.

Residence Vastu rules are like,a flat should be choose with the entrance in north, east or north-west. Flats having main door in south, south-west or south-east directed for not purchasing. A statue of a laughing Buddha must always be kept in front of the main door and in a manner so that the Buddha must directly face the door.The Kitchen of a house should be located in southern part while Kitchen of a flat has to be located in south-east direction. The dining place of a flat or a house should be located towards west and the dining table has to be placedin north-west side of the dining place. Puja room or worship room should be located in north-east direction.According to Vastu,furniture should be placed in southern or western side. Electronics appliances like TV, stereo system and other similar electronics products must be kept to the north side or east side wall and the direction should be made in a way so that while watching TV people face north or east. Bed should be placed positioned straight towards north-south direction, one must sleep with keeping the head towards south and animal faces artifacts or paintings should be hanged on the wall of bedroom and mirror on the wall opposite to bed should not be hanged.

There are some few differences in Vastu norms in terms of location of different rooms and placement of things or appliances. But these differences are minor and the basic Vastu arrangement andinternal or interior arrangement of residence are same. Building of residential complex or house constructed and interior management made with the help of Vastu Expert, brings maximum success and peace in life.

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