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Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen, the place where your spouse or female member of your family spends a major time in a day to prepare or make meal with which you finish your breakfast, lunch or dinner, is must be much secure in order to avoid any untoward incidents or accidents. As women of a family stays there for a while and in Kitchen there are gas cylinders, gas oven which is lightedand many electronics appliances like mixer grinder, microwave oven, toaster which needs electrical connection for functioning, the security of the room is a major concern.Placing of things or appliances in the Kitchen in proper order or making the internal arrangements of the Kitchen is important in this regard. Vastu too has certain principles to make Kitchen secure, which principles if followed while constructing Kitchen helps in bringing in fortune, wealth and prosperity. It is believed thatthe direction for constructing Kitchen and principles of internal management of Kitchen has link with security and keeping away untoward incidents or simply the accidents. The said principles in Vastuf or constructing and managing its internal arrangement are meant for both securing your family member and bringing in happiness and prosperity in home.

There are certain things regarding Vastu tip of kitchen that are to be remembered while constructing a kitchen. A Kitchen should not be constructed at the north-east corner of the house, as well as at the south-west side of the house, it may lead to lots of unrest and may destroy the peace of the house. It is recommended to consult a Vastu Expert before planning or locating Kitchen of the house. Cooking gas cylinders and the cooking gas stove or oven must be placed in the south-east side of the Kitchen, because placing gas cylinder or oven in this side gives peace of mind. In north-west kitchen the gas burner can be placed in the north-west or in the West. The heavier articles of the Kitchen like the fridge, Mixer grinder, and water storage bottles should be placed or kept in the south and west side. The slabs should be placed in the east and away from the eastern wall. Door of the kitchen should be in the north or east or in the north-east corner and should open in the clockwise direction and the large windows of the Kitchen must be in the east direction and the smaller windows of the Kitchen should be in the south. In Kitchen adequate provision should be made for cross ventilation. North-east corner of the Kitchen is ideal for placing of water filter or for storing of drinking water. Exhaust fan can be fitted in the eastern walls in the south-east corner.

So, Kitchen Vastu is a broad analysis of direction and internal management of the Kitchen room in order to make family secure and bringing in prosperity, happiness and peace in daily life. It is recommended to consult a Vastu Expert while planning for constructing Kitchen of your home. A Vastu specialist can help you in this regard.

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