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Vastu for Flat

Vastu for Flat

Following the rules laid down in Vastu Shastra regarding construction, direction and interior arrangement while purchasing a flat or an apartment is considered to be beneficial for bringing peace, happiness, prosperity in living life and in sustaining good relation with spouse or other member of the family.Certain rules regarding best permissible directions and interior arrangement methods has also been laid down in Vastu for making changes in arrangements of old or existing flat or apartments. Vastu for Flat refers to the broad analysis of Vastur egarding measurement and orientation of construction of buildings and interior management of a flat or an apartment purchased. Rules or norms in this regard helps in leading a good, healthy, prosperous and successful life. Therefore, people often resorts to Vastu before purchasing a flat or to make internal changes in their existing flat in order to make go ahead in life peacefully and without any hindrance.

The norms for direction and interior management for new or old flat or apartments asmentioned or recommended in Vastu Shastra are more or less same. One should choose a flat having entrance in north, east or north-west. Construction of a flat or an apartment should be made in a way, so that the entrance falls in these mentioned directions. Avoid purchasing flats having main door in south, south-west or south-east and flats with cuts in north-east or south-east is recommended. A person buying a flat should look for while choosing it are the drainage pipes have their way in west, north or north-west. Slope of the balcony of an idle flat or an idle apartment should be towards the north or east direction. The north-east corner of a flat or an apartment can be converted into worship room. A person should check for over-head tank in south-west and under water tank in north-east side.Kitchen of a flat should be located in the south-east direction. The person about to purchase a flat should look for is the building where the flat is located constructed in a plot aligning towards south-west or north-east and check for is there any pond or water area nearer in the south or west direction from the flat or building.Furniture like a sofa set should be placed in the south or west direction, so that people sitting on the same faces north or east,bed should be positioned in a manner that one must sleep with the head towards south, dining table must be placed in north-west side of the dining room and cupboard or almirah with jewellery should be placed in southwest, so that these furniture faces north.

Completely Vastu maintained flat cannot be found at all. This is as because purchasing of the flat is subject to availability or subject of a construction being made and there in the plots lie many defects or faults where the apartments are constructed. The defects or the faults regarding a plot or an area can be fixed with the help of remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra. Checking for any defect or fault related to plot or other aspects concerned in an old or existing flat is also recommended in order to ensure peace and happiness in life as guidelines given by Vastu Expert.

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