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Vastu for Bedroom

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedroom is the place where a person sleep, dream and re-energizes himself or herself to make himself or herself prepared or ready for the following day’s hectic schedule of routine life. It has been estimated that a person spends approximately one third part of his or her life in bedroom. Therefore, according to Vastu it is important to make the internal arrangement of bedrooms in accordance with the rules mentioned in this ancient theory of practice of architecture design, so that the positive energy could get the required space to flow.In this way Vastu can take care of one third part of our life by taking up all stresses and by providing sound sleep.

There are several guidelines for constructing bedrooms and managing of its internal designing or arrangement in Vastu.Regard to location there are different rules has been laid down for constructing of bedrooms for self, children and bedrooms for guests. According to Vastu, south or south-West direction is idle for constructing master bedrooms, east or west side for children’s bedrooms and the north-west side is idle for constructing of guests bedrooms. The shape of the bedroom should be rectangle or square and one should sleep keeping his or her head in south direction, as sleeping in this way gives sound sleep and improves health.If someone sleeps by keeping his or her in the east direction, there is no problem with so as sleeping by laying down in this way helps in gaining knowledge. But, sleeping keeping head in north or west, as sleeping in this way gives improper sleep, bad or ill health and bad dreams.The doors of the bedrooms should be placed in the east, west or north and not in south-west and doors should at least open 90 degrees. The larger window should be in the north or east and the smaller windows should be in the west.Dressing Table in the bedrooms should be placed in east or north side, wardrobes should be kept in north-west or south-west side of the room, study table in the bedroom should face east, north or north-east. Placing of television sets, Idols of God are to be avoided in bedrooms and mirror in bedrooms should not be hanged on the wall opposite the bed. A photograph depicting inspiring quotes, beautiful paintings, sculpture and flowers can be hanged on the walls of bedrooms.The walls of bedroom can be painted with off white, light rose, pastel shades of blue and green, or gray colors.

These are the guidelines in vastu for making sleep and dream better. These guidelines are to be followed strictly while constructing bedrooms, as considering these things in designing of bedrooms are important to have sound sleep, good dream and better health. According to Vastu, by constructing and designing bedrooms with followingthese above said guidelines has been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, one can have and maintain good marital relationship.These guidelines for making or constructing of bedrooms are beneficial for overall success, happiness, physical stability and mental peace as guidelines given by Vastu Expert.

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