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Vastu Expert

Vastu Expert

Vastu, the ancient Indian architecture system thatunifies science, art, Astronomy and Astrology together, is the practise of making a living or a working place a congenial setting in a most scientific way by taking the advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energies for enhancing of wealth, prosperity, happiness and prospects by keeping at bay the negative energy and paving the way for the positive energy to flow.The five elements of the universe the magnetic field, gravitational effect of the earth, the galaxy in the sky, the directions and velocity of the winds, light and heat of the SUN including the effects of its Ultra-Violet rays, the volume and intensity of rainfall are used for human interest in Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, every construction has specific intention, direction and every direction exerts cosmic energy and if Vastu arrangement is made in accordance with the intention, nature, feature and direction of the place, then the environment becomes the best place for the concerned activity to take place without any hindrance. According to this theory of VastuSashtra, building construction, measurements, ground preparation, building of rooms, placement of things or appliances are done with the help of the norms laid down in Vastu Shastra.

The above discussion was meant to get you a glance regarding Vastu Shastra, which will help you inthe later stage of this article in understanding who is considered as a Vastu Expert, the main topic of this informative document. Well! Now come straight to thepoint who is a Vastu expert. A Vastu Expert is a person well versed with all the Vastu theory,techniques and remedies which are used to channelize positive energy and to swipe off negative energy from a place or an environment or negativity from a person.An expert in this regard is a person who has studied and gained possible knowledge about Vastu Shastra, providing Vastu consultation and Vastu remedy advice service to the people or to the help seekers who want to bring happiness, prosperity, peace and growth by making changes in their living or working place or environments. The Vastu arrangement rule for all the places or environments is not similar and for every different place or environment several norms of Vastu arrangement has been laid down in Vastu Shastra treatise. These rules has been made following observations andin accordance with the intention of creating a place, like work place, home, hospital, school, college, business place and many other.From building construction to room arrangement and to interior decoration the norms of Vastu differs with each other place or environment. For example, building construction rule or interior management norms of Vastu of a residential building will not be same as compared to that of a commercial building or office set up. Therefore, it is not an easy task to provide Vastu advice, as possessing of vast and every different knowledge regarding Vastu is required to serve the help seekers. Dr.Suresh Mishra is a Vastu Expert in this respect is a person who possesses all the knowledge related to Vastu, like building construction and facing methods, direction of placing things and placing of Vastu remedy instruments.

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