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Selection of Plot with Vastu

Selection of Plot with Vastu

Selection of a plot for constructing a building intended for either home, apartment, office, school, college, hospital, hotel or any other residential, commercial, education or otherconstruction purposes is a major concern, as in selecting a right plot in accordance with Vastu lies the success for brining prospect, growth, happiness, profit and prosperity. Vastu deals with all the aspects of building construction and internal or interior management of building and also has answer for all these aspects. Following the guidelines for selecting a plot, besides following other guidelines regarding construction of building and interior arrangement has been laid down in Vastu Shastra is the key behind any successful construction.

In today’s modern era, people intended to buy a plot for making a construction of either residential or commercial purpose are consultingVastu experts in order to create an environment full of success, peace, happiness and prospects. Vastu for plot selection goes a long way in scooping off the negative energy from an environment by paving the way for positive energy to flow through the space to make it a congenial setting in the scientific way. Plot selection guide of Vastu is based on multiple factors and tips in this regard. A broad and thorough analysis regarding Vastu for selecting a plot is offered by an expert in Vastu Shastra..

Choosing a plot with a regular shape, more length in the east or west direction and without any cracks as well is recommended in Vastu. Square or rectangle shape and area facing the west direction in this regard is considered as good. People of different occupations are affected by different directions of plots. Therefore, it is advised to take care of the directions of a plot while purchasing it. According to Vastu, a plot facing east is favorable for scholars, philosophers, priests, teachers and professors, while people handling administration of a firm a plot facing north is good for them and a plot facing north proved to be beneficial for Government employees.A plot with more of open space in southern portion as compared to the northern side is not suggested for purchasing, as it is likely to cause some sort of destruction to a person. Fertile land with greenery surrounding and plots facing road from all sides in Vastu is considered as auspicious. Before buying a plot it has to be made sure that there is no pillar or electric post nearby the plot and no rivers or canal flowing on west or south side of the plot. The main entrance of the plot tobe selected has to be in the mid-west or in the northern portion. There should not be any graveyard or tomb in the front, back or adjacent to the plot to be purchased and a plotlocated in the vicinity of schools, colleges or cinema theatre is recommended for not to purchase.

Keeping these all aspects in mind a plot for a successful construction can be bought. Thus, a successful construction can be made which will be full of happiness, prospects, growth, prosperity and peace.

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