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Pyramid Vastu

Pyramid Vastu

The term Pyramid Vastu is a relative term to describe the practice of placements of Pyrmid shaped structural items or instruments to keep thenegative energy at bay from a place or environment and neutralize the energy of the place concerned bybringing the flow of positive energy.Vastu refers to the correlation of energy of the universe and integrated science. According to this theory the negative and positive energy that flows free on the earth counteract with each other everywhere. This counteract can obstruct the flow of positive energy through a place or environment or can reverse the effect of positive energy following contamination of wind. With the help of Vastu Pyramids, negative energy is keep at bay from a place, so that more positive energy can flow through the space.Vastu Pyramids are those instrument made with steel, iron, metal in structure composed of slanting or sloping sides that meets at the top of the item with energy harmonizing plate at the bottom and comes with silver, gold or other similar plates, which possesses their own energy.

Placing of these Pyramid Vastu instruments at home, office, buildings or at any other place or environment brings good fortune, growth and prosperity by removing negative energy and channelizing positive energy. There are several types of Pyramid Vastu instruments or items designed for particular places or environments. Nine layer energygrid with four gold plated triangular plates are used to place during property commensuration or construction, land & building Investment property construction or construction of residential and industrial property and during project and finance activation.Flat max pyramids are meant for placing at homes, flats, apartments, shops and at factories. Powerful Feng Shui Multi-Layer Pyravastu 9×9 pyramids are designed to usefor land charging, worship room correction or shifting. Lotus power 9 hole plate, a pyraplate and nine pyrachips containing Bemor 9×9 pyramid is incorporated for bringing good luck and for energizing the place concerned. Super max pyramid consist of four directions and centre gold power Vastu instruments are ideal for residential and commercial environments. Especially designed for use at the side of agriculture mystical powers possessing Agro Pyramids gives good results in crop production by improving quality and maximizing the quantity of crops. Education pyramids used to place at study table helpful for elevating knowledge and wisdom.The tool to keep mind at rest and to eventually bring calmness is Vastu Sleep which is used under the mattes or pillow. A special kind of cap designed in the shape of pyramid Pyra Cap is used to wear on the head in ode to boost confidence, increase concentration, triggers down stress and relax mind & soul.

The spiritual powers that these Vastu Pyramids or Vastu instruments or items possess are beyond any explanation. These Pyramids can bring fortune, prosperity, prospects, good luck, physical stability, mental peace by enhancing energy flow. But this is only possible when placing of proper Vastu Pyramids done along with following the overall goodVastusystem of home, office or any other places. Assistance or support of an expert in this regard is necessary in order to place right one or to get or enjoy full benefit of Pyramids.

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