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Before getting straight into the discussion about who is considered as a Numerologist, the principle topic of this article for what reasonthe initiative of writing down of this informative document has been taken up, we first need to pay focus on what is Numerology. Because, a clear idea about the subject itself and the theory or practise method of this study will help in understanding who is considered as an expert or a specialist regard to Numerology or referred to as a Numerologist.

Numerology is the study or practise based on belief in divine or mystical relationship or correlation between numbers and one or more than one happening incidentson earth and incidentsin human life. It is the study of science, philosophy, cosmic vibration of numbers and human psychology.According to the theory of Numerology or this study each and every number has cosmic vibration and each alphabet of name of anybody has their own numerical value and the numbers obtained by converting the alphabets into their numerical valuealso possesses cosmic vibration.Mathematics is an earthly science and vibration of numbers has the power togive concrete fact about anything and an insight into human being’s life regarding any aspect of same.The single digit numbers obtained following addition of numerical characters achieved by converting the each of the alphabet of a person’s name into their numerical value according to Numerology and by making simple addition of numbers of one’s birth date, month or year is used for the purpose of check what has been stored for him or her. In this way Numerology through light on the predetermined destiny of a person concerned.

A numerologist is a person who has studied and obtained a degree in Numerology and has become specialist regarding this subject or study following close study, constant practise, gaining experience and by devotion, dedication, patience and perseverance. He or she is the practitioner of this subject who has acquired the best possible knowledge of Numerology by the means of study and practice. Numerology is not an empirical science that can be practiced by anyone. Practise of Numerology requires thorough study of the theory of the subject and obtaining knowledge about significance of each or every numbers, their cosmic vibration factors and numerical value of each of the alphabets and converting technique of these alphabets into their own numerical numbers and addition technique of numbers or numerical characters. A person is only considered a Numerologist who possesses all these qualities and abilities regarding the theory of Numerology and is able to calculate or obtain the different numbers for a person concerned and predict thefuture prospects of him or her. As there are several languages by which communication in different countries in the world takes place, therefore, a person wanted to become a Numerologist has to closely study and obtain the numerical value of each of the alphabets in different languages, as the numerical value of each of the alphabets of every language are different. Dr.Suresh Mishra is a well renowed Numerologist in The World.

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