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Multi-Story Vastu

Multi-Story Vastu

Multi-Story buildings are the most popular buildings of urban areas intended fordwellings and office or any other purposes. According to Vastu, if Multi Story building designed inany of these six types of building designs such as Dandaka, Swastika, Maulika, Chaturmukha, Sarvatobhadra and Vardhamana,proved to be beneficial in bringing growth, success, prosperity, happiness and peace. By following the guidelines laid down in VastuSashtra, a Multi-Story building can be constructedsuccessfully and by following the interior arrangement rules positive energy can be brought to the space and negative energy can be scooped off from the environment which is required for bringing all the prospects life of the people either habitants of these buildings or are spends much time in this buildings.

There are many basic principles, as well as detailed tips laid down in Vastu for constructing a Multi-Story building for gaining profit from it when intended for commercial purpose and make it a place of success, happiness and peace if has to be constructed for residential purpose.To construct a Multi-Story building a rectangular or square shaped plot has to be chosen. while starting the construction, digging should be started from the right direction, else it may lead to litigation or government problems or negative advertisements.Generally the north-east side of the building should be sloped and south-west portion should be raised for constructing a Multi-Story building.The entrance of the building should be in east or north side and the main gate should not have any obstruction.Height of the upper floor should be less than that of the ground floor height.If a playground or lawn near the building is to be made then the space towards north-east should be left for this purpose.A little difference in placing the doors of all the floors is to be made and the upper floor doors should not be at the same place as the lower floor doors. North-east direction is right place for construction of under-water tank or bore well, whereas south-east is the right place for placing over-head tank. Store room or room for dumping waste materials should be constructed in south-west side. In a multi-storied building, toilets should be located north-west or west direction. Bathroom can also be constructed in north-east or north-west direction, but it has to be make sure that the water drainage from bathroom is in North-east.Construct of rooms is to be made facing the east or by placing windows in the east direction, so that morning sunlight rays good for health can fall in the rooms.Staircase should be constructed in south or west portion of the Multi-Story building. Leaving the east or north portion of the building for open balcony is beneficial. Planting huge trees just near the Multi-Story building is seemed well from nature aspects, but according to Vastu it is not a good idea. Trees can planted at some distance from the building.These all mentioned guidelines has to be kept in mind in order to construct a Multi-Story building for commercial or residential purpose.Dr.Suresh Mishra is best Vastu Expert for giving consultancy in regarding Multi-Story buildings.

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