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Manglik Dosh Shanti

Manglik Dosh Shanti

Manglik Dosh Shanti is a puja performed in order to pray to Parvati to get rid of the evil effects of Manglik Dosh. Before going into deep of discussion about how to perform or do this puja and what is the procedure for doing this puja, we need to pay a little focus on what Manglik Dosh is and how it is formed in a birth chart. A girl is considered to be Manglik when in her natal chat or birth chart the Planet Mars or Mangal placed either in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or in the twelfth house. The girl with this dosh faces many problems in life including problem in understanding the view of others or empathizing with partner, problem in getting in a relationship, problem in controlling anxiety, anger, depression and also has the threat to get widow. Manglik Dosh is considered to be most prominent during marriage in the Hindu religion and Vedic Astrology. Problems raises in the particular day, Tuesday.

Manglik Dosh Shanti is done to remove Manglik Dosh from a girl’s horoscope. This puja is very effective and thus benefit able in removing Manglik Dosh and the ill effects associated with this Yoag. On Tuesday by dressing up in the traditional dress of married women this puja is to be performed. The women or girl doing this puja should be dressed like she want to be like Goddess Gauri for the whole life and should pray to GoddessParvati by offering puja to her. Those women resorts to Manglik Dosh Shanti puja are blessed by Goddess Pavati with all the materialprosperity, wealth, good health and happy married life.The procedure for performing this puja is that the women do Manglik Dosh Shanti puja should take only vegetarian food for the whole month of saavan and the rituals of this puja is to be performed with devotion.

Mars is considered to be the most crucial planet, as Mars or Mangal is the planet of power, courage, strength and aggression. Position of Mars in horoscope decides passion, husband, sex and marital knot. The Mars planet keeps the special importance when it comes tomarriage;it decides several aspects of relation and marital life or success.Therefore, it is important for every woman to have Mars in right position in their horoscope or else will create problems. Manglik Dosh Shanti puja is advised to those women Mars in whose horoscopes is placed in any of theabove said house, which creates Maglik Dosh.

Manglik Dosh Shanti puja & Manglik Dosh Nivaran Kawachis the best possible remedy, as well as very much effective too, offered by Astrology. There are several other remedies too in Astrology for removing Manglik Dosh from horoscope. But, these are not as much effective or beneficial as Manglik Dosh Shanti Puja. Therefore, Astrologers always advised resorting to Manglik Dosh Shanti to those women with Manglik Dosh. Another aspect of this special puja is for what it is recommended that the procedures for preparing for this puja are very easy to follow and the puja itself is easy to perform and can be done at home.

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