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Mahamritunjaya Yagya

Mahamritunjaya Yagya

The king of all the Yagya is the Mahamritunjaya Yagya, which is dedicated to the deity of this yagya Lord Shiva. This Yogya is intended or meant for getting triumph over death and death like situations, as the name of the Yagya signifies. According to Indian Vedic form of Astrology or Hindu religion it is believed that if Lord Shiva is pleased with someone he bestows his blessing upon him or her. Mahamritunjaya Yagya is a Yogya to please Lord Shiva to get all his blessings in life.According to Hindu religion,Maha means big or powerful and Mrityunjaya means victory on death. Therefore, the ritual has been named Mahamritunjaya Yagya.

This Yagya is performed in case where death is near or became unavoidable, like when somebody is seriously ill or in coma due to major accident or other health or medical condition. In these cases this Yagya is done continuously round the clock to avert danger to life. It is performed for people active in life for balancing health and for giving resistance to diseases. Sufferings of the elders can be made bearable by performing Mahamritunjaya Yagya. It is done for persons on their death bed for giving their soul a peaceful and smooth pacing and salvation from the cycle of birth and death.

The Mahamritunjaya Yagya or the Havan, as called in Hindu religion is performed byoffering Ahutis into fire or Agni. This Yagya is performed continuously over a period of eleven days and total of one lakh twenty four thousands of Ahutis offered into the fire. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra mentioned in the Vedas is chanted at the time of offeingAhutis into the fire. The process laid down in the Vedas for the conduct of MahaMrityunjaya Yagya is followed thoroughly for conducting this Yagya. It is done in Math or temple or places of where Tantra or MahaYagya is practised. One cannot do this Yagya at home, as it requires a big or broad arrangement for performing of Mahamrityunjaya Yagya.

Mrityunjaya means he who has been able to defeat death. Rigours worship of lord according to the Hindu religion is stated to confer a long and healthy life to the worshipper. Anyone who want to keep their health better or those whose health condition is already not well can consult an expert in this regard for Mahamrityunjaya Yagya.Near and dear ones of many people comes across several diseases like cancer and other this type of major diseases, which are dangerous and thus the medical condition of the concerned person cause his or her death or death like situations. Therefore, it is recommended to perform Mahamrityunjaya Yagya to give them power to relief from their health condition. Some even fall ill several times in their life. For these persons alsothis Yagya can be performed in order to give them a healthy life. Mahamrityunjaya Yagya has been in practise since long back and in modern era too this Yagya is practised to give healthy and long life. Many people resorts to this remedy in case of serious illness either self or their near and dear ones. Cosmic Astro is a famous organization for performing Mahamrityunjaya Yagya.

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