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LalKitab Astrologer

LalKitab Astrologer

Astrology, the science of divination to deal with heavenly bodies or cosmic objects or their movement and impact of the same on human life comes in different forms and with different combinations.All the forms regard to Astrology, either western or Indian or any other has been in practise since the ancient eraby its practitioners. LalKitab Astrology, is a form of Astrology practised based on documents and mentioned methods written in LalKitabs or Red Books, has been in practise sincesoon after the time between1939 to1952, the time when its documentation actually took place. Though, this form of Astrology is based on Vedic Astrology or Indian form of Astrology, LalKitab Astrology is actually differs itself from Vedic Astrology’s main principles in terms of calculation, prediction and remedy prescription. These enough differences separated it from other Astrological forms and made LalKitab Astrology a completely different form of Astrology practise. Although, the Authorship of the 5LalKitabs or red books on Astrology, the principle consultation documents has been in contrary, but it is believed that these books were written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi in ancient Urdu language.

LalKitab Astrology system have introduced a new and a uniquestyle in drawing of birth chart or natal chart, aunique style in palmistry and an all new system of calculation, prediction and remedy prescription. Astrology helps in getting an insight into an individual’s hidden fortune and to look for what has been stored for him or her. Red Book Upaya or LalKitab Astology is one of these methods which emphasizes on Karmic debts and planetary placements in a person’s horoscope in order to evaluate his or her future prospects. In LalKitab Astrology the zodiac sign and planets are same as Vedic Astrology. But the difference is that unlike Vedic Astrology, in LalKitab Astrology the planets moves and the sign of the houses are fixed.The first house as the house of Aries and twelfth house as the house of Pisces of Lalkitab chart are fixed.Calculation methods and prediction method of Varshfal chart is also different in LalKitab Astrology as compared to other forms of Astrology. The most vital and different part of this Astrology system is the part of remedy suggestion.

A LalKitab Astrologer is a person who is well versed with all the calculation, prediction and remedy suggestion methods laid down in the LalKitabs or red books.He or she is a person dealing with LalKItab methods or suggestions or practising LalKitab Astrology for several years and became experience in this regard.LalKitab Amrit is largely or widely practised and the systems or methods has been mentioned in this bookare to be properly studied and obtained in order to become an expert in LalKitab Astrology. An Astrologer considered LalKitab Specialist Astrologer for acquiring of proper LalKitab or red book knowledge and for his or her quality or ability to deliver prediction and for the suggesting right remedies.

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