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Industries Vastu

Industries Vastu

Successful production and profit in business lies in following the guidelines or principles of Vastu for industries. Vastu tips for industries are meant for bringing prosperity and growth in business.Vastu helps in flourishing a business by making more production and revenue generation with sustaining the previous achievement of a company or entity in this regard. Like in other area,Vastu guidelines for industries ranges from selection of plots to construction of building or factory, position of electronic gadgets, placement ofraw materials,location of guard room and staff quarters,pantry, administrative area, colour scheme of a particular industry and many more.

Guidelines of Vastu for industries have been laid down in the Vastu Shastra in order to sustain in the long run in a business.According to this theory of traditional Hindu architecture system, plot for factories should be chosen in east, north or north-eastdirection and construction of industry building or factorys hould be in the south-west portion of the plot and the entrance from which staffs or workers will enter into the factory premise must be in east with huge main gate with two shutters. The owner of the industry office should be constructed in east or north portion, so that while sittinghe or she faces north.Administrative and other offices must be constructed in north or east side and staffs quarters, outhouse should be built in north-west or south-west corner. More open space has to be left in the east or north side than west and south.The sloping of the floors of the industry building should be towards east, north and north-east and never to be towards south or west.Thicker walls may constructed in the south and west side of the building and thinner walls may be constructed in the north and east side.Stair case of an industry building should be constructed in the south-west. The water tanks in the building like underground water tank should be placed north-west side, the overhead water tank should be in south-west side, tube-well or bore well must be made provision in north-eastand the septic tank must be built in the north or north-west or in the south or south-east side.Toilets may be constructed in north-west or western corners but should never be constructed in the north-east and south-west corners.Lawn and Landscaping should be done in the north or east directions, basement must be constructed in the east, north or north-east corner of the proposed building and raw material must be dumped in west or south-west portion of the side.No garbage should be dumped in the North-east corner of the building. Heavy machineries should be placed in the south-west, west & south zones and north-east and centre of a building should be avoided for placing anything heavy thing.The heat zone of the building or the burners, boilers, ovens, generators, furnace transformers, chimneys should be placed in the south-east corner.Finished goods should be packed and placed on the north-west side and for early dispatching finished goods should be kept in north-west side. Cosmic Astro is a well known for giving excellent Industries Vastu Consultancy as based on Scientific Vastu for getting success & positive results.


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