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Importance of Kawach

Importance of Kawach

Kawach is aspiritual defence instrument comes in the form of a pendant or a small metal tube, one inch or more in size made either of silver or copper or other metal treasure with special paper inside on which a specific mantra is written. This spiritual defence instrument also termed as amulet has the power to create a powerful spiritual shield around the wearer and is a divine protector, which protects human being from evils, dangers, misfortunes black magic, bad luck and negative effects of a malefic planet etc. Kawach making is a very old spiritual and Astrological remedy making process which involves the storing of Divine powers or energiesin a piece of small amulet. The process started at the very ancient period in Indiadated back some 5500 years ago. As, it is the ancient process of creating a shield of protection from evils and negative powers or energies, thus has been named in ancient Indian scriptures as Raksha Kawach. This powerful Talisman which is also referred as Holy Kawachis proctect humans from all evil forces, enemies and creates a guard on them.

This body armour which finds its use by many people and prescribed by Astrologers finds its mention in Mahabharata.Kawach is significant in terms of Indian mythology. It was the insurance for Karna, the character of Mahabharata, which in this epic has been presented as a tragic hero. According to Mahabharata he was impenetrable from any weapon, as long as he was wearing the Kawach, as per Mahabharata calls the Karna Kawach. According to the story of Mahbharata, Karna was born to Kunti as a divine intervention from Surya or the Sun god. He was born with a Kawach, which gives him protection from any evil power. So, he was born with an added advantage in terms of the Kawach which he had. In the epic of Mahabharata, when Karna decided to fight with Dooryadhan, he was unknowingly giving him a massive advantage. This consequence as depicted in Mahabharata could have resulted in Dooryadhan winning the war. But, as the small armour has the reflection of positive energy the truth of to whom he was going to giving his Kawach revealed and Karna seved from being defeated.

Apart from this story of Karna in the epic of Mahabharata, there is mention of several Kawach found in the ancient Hindu religion scriptures like Kali Kawach finds its mention as a strong Kawach in the Bramha Vaivarta Purana and it has been mentioned that this Kawach remedy was told to Lord Vishnu by Lord Shiva. The different Kawach mentioned in the Hindu religion or Astrology has the power to create a magnetic field around the wearer and protect the wearer from many evil and bad effects and brings prosperity, happiness, success and peace in life to those who wears these Kawach. Therefore, it is considered that Kawach has utmost importance in keeping away negative energy’s evil effect and in paving way the positive energy.Indian Mythology and old scripture of Hindu religion has acknowledged that.

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