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Hotels Vastu

Hotels Vastu

Making profit in hotel business depend upon its infrastructure. Good infrastructure helps to attract bountiful of visitors, thus enhance business and profit as well. In hotel business arena, grading of hotels with numbers are done in accordance with its infrastructure, luxury level and in order to make differences between several hotels in terms of hospitality and comfort level.Construction of a hotel with high level infrastructure and in accordance with the guidelines for construction of same laid down in Vastu Shastra helps in attracting guests, as placement of the hotel and directions of specific rooms are directly linked to the arrival of guests and tourists.

There are mention of several tips of Vastu for hotel construction and its interior arrangements. According to Vastu Shastra, plot for constructing hotels should be chosen in regular shapes like rectangular or square and hexagon, triangular or oval shaped plots must be avoided for construction of hotels. Hotel location should have at least two roads on the north o west side or may have more roads in the location. The north and east side should be left open while constructing a hotel. Pantry or Kitchen of a hotel should be located in south-east corner and electrical equipment such as geysers, metres and other must be employed in this side. Visitor’s rooms must be made in the south-west portion of the hotel and beds should be placed in south or west in the room, so that while sleeping visitors keep head towards south or east. Balcony of hotel should be located in eastern or northern directions. Bathrooms or toilets should be made in north-west or west side of the building. The hotel premises should be huge and open, as large premises like this helps in maintaining the flow of positive energy.

There are several points that are to be followed or kept in mind or taken care of while constructing a hotel like, proper location of the commercial complex regarding roads,the exterior arrangements of the hotel like shape, slope, height, water level, the location of the beams and basement, the direction of the Entrance and direction & placement of the windows, direction & placement of the open space to be left,direction & placement of the office,direction & placement of the parking, direction and placement of the stair and the lift, placement of AC plant, direction & placement of the swimming pool, water boring, staff under ground water tank, overhead water tank and septic tank or the waste disposal tank.

Hotel Vastu advice is basically a thorough and broad analysis of Vastu in this regard done to help businessman or hotel owners make more profit while maintaining comfort and luxury level.This advice can best be given by an expert regarding Vastu or by a practitioner of Vastu, who has acquired knowledge of Vastu Shastra. The tips has been laid down in Vastu for construction of hotel are to be followed properly in order to make hotel noisiness more profitable by attracting more and more visitors.Cosmic Astro is giving best consultancy for increase hotel business as demand of owner.

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