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Hospital Vastu

Hospital Vastu

The place where people get admitted in order to get rid of diseases is hospital or nursing home. According to Vastu negative energyis behind all the diseases with which people fall ill and positive energy is theelement that can make one regain his or her health once againand can get them back into their routine life. It is only possible in a hospital, nursing home or dispensary environment built following the guidelines of Vastu laid down in Vastu Shastra, as Vastu is the practise to channelize positive energy by keeping away negative energy from an environment with the help of direction guidelines and remedies mentioned in the same subject. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the Vastu rules mentioned in Vastu books while constructing a hospital or a nursing home.

The rules of Vastu in terms of location of plot, direction maintaining while making a construction, internal or various department arrangements and miscellaneous arrangement have been laid down in Vastu Shastra. According the rules and guidelines the ideal location for constructing a hospital or a nursing home is on a square size plot, as square plot balances complete energy. The building should be constructed either facing north or facing east and the measurement of height should be 1.25 times more than the building’s length.In Vastu it is recommended to make the chairman or directors office in south-west or in south or in west. The doctor in consultation room should be made to sit in west, south or south-west direction facing the patient and the room must be L shaped and raised in the north-east direction. According to Vastu the bestdirection for diagnostic work in the building is in north-east and south-east direction room would be apt for X-ray purpose. The operation theatre should be located in west direction and medical apparat us in operation theatre must be placed in west or south-west direction of the patient bed and the machines of the operation theatre should be placed south-east direction. The recovery rooms of the hospital or nursing home like ICU, ICCU should be built in south-west portion. From reception to admission desk, OPD, Emergency, Trauma response wing and Minor OT, all these departmentsshould be planned in the north-east direction. Nurse’s quarter may be constructed in north-west or south-east directions.The puja room or temple if any in thehospital or nursing home should be constructed in north-east direction near entrance or outside the main building. The miscellaneous arrangements in a hospital, nursing home or in a dispensary refer to the location of toiled, laundry, changing rooms, store room, kitchen, water arrangement etc. According to Vastu, toilet, laundry and changing rooms in a hospital should be located inwest or north-west directions. Store rooms can be constructed above the ground and all the equipment, medicines and apparatus should be kept in west or soth-west side. Kitchen must be placed south-east direction and water arrangement should be done in north-east side of the hospital building. Shelves or racks containing medical books may be placed in south or west direction. The electrical equipment like generators, inverters and other equipment are to be kept in south-east direction.Cosmic Astro is giving best vastu consultancy in regarding of Hospital.

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