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Health Analysis Report

Health Analysis Report

There is no aspect of human life that has not been touched and analysed by Astrology, the ancient art of studying the movements of cosmic objects and their impacts on human being’s life.Every issues of human life have well been answered in Astrology. It is so with health related matters. Health analysis in Astrology, which is also termed as Medical Astrologyis a rich and an advanced field of Vedic form of Astrology, that through light on different health issues and onall kind of lifestyle diseases. This field of Astrology is a discipline of its own and Jyotisha lists thousands of combinations that have a bearing on human being’s health. Health overview of whole life with the help of Astrology can be obtained, which indeed gives the necessary look at one’s own health issues and provides solution in several sorts of health problems or in many diseases. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Astrology by prediction of future health issuescanhelp people in avoiding being ill or minimizing health riskand stay healthy.

Health is considered as wealth. Good health of an individual or a person ensures well duties at work place andfollowing of responsibilities well in family lifeand social life.Physical and mental stability orsound health is first of all thingsbehind the success of a person. We in our daily life has to follow many responsibilities and to follow the same entrusted on uswe has to regularlygo through a hecticschedule. In order to keep following our own responsibilities we need sound health, without which we cannot perform well in life. Astrology, the ancient study or intuitive artstudies and analysis broad area regarding health of human beings like prediction ofoverall picture of health of a person, indicates possibilities ofany specific diseases as per birth char, critical and bad phase or time for health,one’s possible health condition in present time or in coming one year or so and concerned or questions asked at the moment is answeredthoroughly. Calculation and prediction of health of a person is done and Health analysis Report prepared on the basis of findings in a person’s birth chart and following details calculation of Langa, Yogas Dasha, Antar Dasha, positions of planets at present moment and at the time of a person’s birth, impacts of different planets on one’s health,effect of any malefic planet on the health of a person etc.This report by an expert Astrologer helps one in understanding his or her own health issues and what kind of life changes he or she have to make in order to maintain good health and stay healthy in life.  

Anyone who is concerned about his or her health issues or diseases likely to make him or her ill can get a Health Analysis Report by consulting with an Astrologer. Several aspects of a person’s health is analysed and any question in this regard is answered by an Astrologer who prepares one’s chart or Health Analysis Report. This service is provided against the exchange of a report card preparation fee which is subject to pay particular amount fixed by the Astrologer concerned.

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