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Gemological Consultation

Gemological Consultation

Gemological Consultation is a vital aspect of Vedic Astrology or Indian form of Astrology. The term refers to the consultation with an expert in Astrology, as well as in prescribing Gemstones, regarding wearing of Gemstones in order to strengthen the weak planet or to minimize the strength of a super strong planet according to a person’s horoscope. Strengthening the weak planets and minimizing the strength of the maximum powerful planets by this means is effective and gives results in several sorts of issues or problems related to a person’s life. The basic theory of Indian Hindu Astrology behind resorting to the Gemstone remedy is thatthe nine planets of the universe have links to nine different Gems and each planet has a link with a specific Gemstone, wearing of which can provide solution to many problems by increasing or decreasing the strength of the planet targeted with the Gemstone remedy. According to Astrology, behind the movement of the nine planets and changes in their position that often occurs there are the roots of different problems regarding a person’s life. In Gemology, the study of the characters and behaviours of Gems and the precise science,it is strongly believed that the cosmic rays radiated by the planets are absorbed by the gemstones in to human body, which absorption of different rays have the ability to bring in positive results in a person’s life. This remedy is advised by Astrologers when there are any deficiencies in the energy levels of a planet in a particular human being.The human life is full of hurdles and difficulties are obvious in every aspects of a person’s life like personal, professional, family, marital life, children view point or other. Therefore, the search for remedies to get rid of all sorts of issues or problems of human life went on for centuries.Observation and concentration on the precious Gemstones to look for their characters, behavioural approaches and absorption power of cosmic rays radiated by planets in the form of Gemology has added a significant development in the field of Astrological remedy prescription and following this effort availability of Gemstones as Astrological remedy has been possible.

Providing advice for Gemstones is not an easy task and at the same time a tricky or sensitive approach too.This is so with this Astrological remedy, as Gemstones comes with many qualities, in different shapes or in several measurements and wearing a particular Gemstone on the right finger or on a particular day or during a right phase in a person’s life are the important things to follow in order to feel and enjoy the full benefit of these stones. Any wrong regarding resorting to Gemstone remedy like wearing on wrong finger or on a wrong day or during a wrong phase of life are that all which could reverse the effect of these valuable and cosmic rays absorption quality full elements on the life of the human beings. An Expert Astrologer well versed with the characters, behaviours of each and every Gemstone and with thelinks of nine different Gemstone with nine planets or each stone with the each of the planet can give best and reliable advice.The perfectly recommended gem stone can uplift you to new heights by bringing out the best in you. Stop your search now as you are at the right place to get the stones and colours that are best suited for you.

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