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Female Astrology

Female Astrology

The concept of Female Astrology is nothing, but simply thecalculation, evaluation and prediction of present condition and future prospects stored for a women. Female Astrology or Female Astrological prediction is based on calculating and evaluating the placement of certain planets in concerning houses and important angels between two or more than two housesin a women’s horoscope which are all that decides the luck regarding every aspects of her life. Female Horoscope in terms of calculation, evaluation and prediction of future, not differs much with the Male Horoscope, except the calculation of the eighth house, which according to the Indian form of Astrology or Vedic Astrology indicates thebonds of marital bliss or in Astrological language Mangalya. Education, influence of opposite sex and love, marriage or marital life and happiness in married life, children or kids,husband and his death,her own death, financial condition, besides personality, grace, evenbeauty or complexion and height and figure can be predicted of a particular women in accordance with her horoscopic condition, placements of planets and certain lying factors behind all these aspects. A detailed birth chart is drawn by an Astrologer with the help of given necessary information or data like birth date, month, year, time and birth place.

In Indian Hindu form of Astrology or Vedic Astrology, innate nature, personal beauty, luck of a women are judged by calculating and evaluating ascendant. A women born under a particular ascendant carries the effect of that planet. Every aspects of a women’s life and fortune or misfortune stored for her in future life are evaluated through calculation of all the concerning houses in her birth chart accordingly.The fourth house in a woman’s or girl’s natal chart is examined in order to evaluate Family comforts or prospects of leading a good or bad family life. Seventh house of her horoscope in Indian Astrology compared with the same house of her husband’s horoscope. Astrologers examines eighth house of a women’s horoscope to predict period of marital state and marital happiness, motherhood, her husband’s death etc. A girl or woman born in odd sign with the moon also in an odd sign,is devoid of modesty or grace and is of masculine traits. The planets like Saturn or Mars on the 7th house from the ascendant or on their lords or on the second house and also1st house lord of birth chart not give conducive results or effects. These are the some aspects of a women’s horoscope that are evaluated in order to calculate and predict the future prospect of the concerning female. There are many other aspects which are also been calculated or evaluated by Astrologers in order to each to a conclusion regarding life and future prospects of a girl or a women.

The Female Astrological consultation is subject to obtain advice against the exchange of a consultation fee or absolutely free and by providing necessary personal confidential information. Assistance in this regard is always waits for women or girls by Astrologers.Remedies are advised to get rid of problems in life or for making life beautiful following evaluation of condition of planets and need of the same accordingly.

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