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Elements of Vastu Shastra

Elements of Vastu Shastra

Elements of Vastu Shastra refers to the five basic elements of the universe like the earth, water, air, space and fire, which are when together called panch mahabhootas. According to Vastu Shastra the panch mahabhootas are related to our five senses smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. Vastu Shastra, the science of direction that unifies these five elements of the universe teaches us to live in balance and harmony with the panch mahabhootas in order to bring success, happiness, peace and prosperity in life. Just like the human body Vastu Shastra is also founded on these basic elements. Vastu is intended for combines the five elements of the universe and ultimately balancing these with human and material.

The Earth is the foremost, as well as the first element of Vastu Shastra and of the nature. Earth or Prithivi influences human life with its gravitational force and magnetic qualities. Therefore, as per Vastu it is believed that site selection for any construction in accordance with the certain rules laid down in this regard is the most important aspect. Each and every aspects in this regard is need to be checked while selecting a site or plot including inspection of plot’s soil, area and the directions of the plot or the site, as this element exerts positive energy necessary for leading a healthy and wealthy life.

Second element of the Vastu Shastra is Water or Jal, which is one of the largest elements of the nature. About 80 percent of human body made up of water and two-third of the earth’s surface is filled with water. Vastu Shastra laid down the direction for the placement of wate sources in a building or construction. According to Vastu the water sources of a construction should be placed in the north-east direction, as water in this direction exerts positive energy.

Third comes Fire or Agni, the one of the most important elements of Vastu Shastra and the universe. Fire or Agni is connected with the Sun and known for its vitality and strength. Sun is the source of natural light and energy. According to Vastu placement of fire sources in proper direction such as in south-east direction, appropriate for it, is important in order to exert positive energy through a space.

Fourth element of Vastu Shastra is the Air, which is also called wind in English and Vayu in hindi or India language. It is the most vital element of the earth or of the nature, without it all life would come to an end and there would be no life. As air or wind comprises various gases on the earth like oxygen, important human life. Air is related to our sense of touch and hearing. As per Vastu, the window, door or balcony should be placed in a manner so that wind can enter home or building from north-east direction.

Last comes Space or the Sky or Akash in Hindi, is that element which is related to our sense of hearing and it is filled with galaxies, stars, Sun, Moon, constellation and all the nine planets. Accoding to Vastu a building should be constructed in a way that light or sun rays can enters the central area of it.

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