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Detailed Match Making

Detailed Match Making

Detailed Match Making is the term used to describe the detailed compatibility check between a girl or a boy or a man or a woman or between a bride or a groom by examining horoscopes of the two to evaluate thesuccess of a marriage. The system of calculation and prediction of success of love or marriage is the most oldest and traditional aspect of Vedic Astrology. Detailed Match Making is much bigger aspect of Vedic Astrology in terms of compatibility check and is practised for checking of compatibility of much more things in bride’s and groom’s horoscope for evaluating the compatibilities,in same way as followed in the Match Making practise too. In the Hindu custom marriage alliance resulting following a love affair or an arrangement discussion is finally considered or consent is given after the study and match making of the ten Poruthams for the would be couple and on the basis of compatibility of the horoscopes of the bride and groom.  This is done to ensure the happiness of the couple in married life and to ensure that they stays together forever without disagreement or conflict.

According to the Vedic form of Astrology or Indian Hindu Astrology, traditionally been practiced in India from the ancient time, Match Making is done based on Asthakoot Milan or Nakshatra Milan. There are two types of compatibility check methods in Vedic or Indian form of Astrology, Gunamelana and Phala Jyotish method. Guna milan method traditionally been followed in Horoscope Match Making and Phala Jyotish method is used for the purpose of much detailed and in depth Match Making, which is traditionally termed in Vedic Astrology as Detailed Match Making , the topic for discussion of this article.There are maximum 36 numbers of points in Guna Milan. Match Making is done by checking on eight valuable aspects of brides and groom’s horoscope and results declared in accordance with the achievement of points. According to Astrological theory and believethe destiny of human being is predetermined, even before a person’s birth and destiny is determined I accordance with the Karma Phal of an individual. This is the principle of calculation of Phala Jyotisha.Detailed Match Making is done by expert astrologers in this regard by calculating of planetary combinations of the ascendant or lagna, positions of all the 9 planets in the horoscope of bride and groom, Koota or Nakshta Milan and by studying Mangala Dosha. Koota Match Making based on South Indian Koota Dasha system of Nadi Astrology,is also done to evaluate compatibility between a girl and a boy.Birth star or Nakshatra of the two concerning person are used to calculate match.

Astrologers draws birth chart of the two persons are in love or in question of marriage with the provided information related to birth date, month, year, place and birth time to him or her by a girl or a boy or their parents or thoroughly examined already drawn birth chart to evaluate or calculate Detailed Match Making. Consultation in this regard is offered by the means of face to face and online or telephonic consultation.

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