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Crystal Vastu

Crystal Vastu

Crystal, the transparent stone was considered and regarded as the unique material for its excellent healing properties and spiritual power. The Crystal Vastu instruments are the three dimensional structures made of transparent Crystal Stones by cutting them in according shape, which has the power to buildan aura of full of positive energy and of warmth and satisfaction. Crystal Vastu instruments derive energy from cosmos and exhibit this energy to transform the environment or surroundings with positive energy. Crystal Vastu instruments are the most common remedy or measurements that have been in use since the primordial time. At that time Crystals were used by God or Goddess to scoop off the power of devils. Now this transparent stonesare being used to makethe Crystal Vastu instruments or items that indeed used for the purpose of scooping off the negative energy from an environment and to channelize positive energy to the same environment. Crystal exhibits some energies that could vibrate, radiate and pulsate in environment and the effect of this transparent stone was observed mentally more than physically. Thus, it was considered as the material to form or design a three dimensional structured Vastu instrument or item. Vastu Crystal instruments can control human mind orcan swipe off the negativity from human being and negative energy from an environment. Vastu instruments made of Crystals are used as a remedy in Vastu to make corrections in environment and surroundings.

The Crystal Stones or Crystal Vastu instruments are used for the purpose of placement orkeeping within order to bring prosperity, growth, success, fortune and to enhance wealth, peace, physical and mental stability, prospects etc. There are many different Vastu Crystals like Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Coral, Gold Tiger Eye, Hematite, Malachite, Red Jasper, Moon Stone and Rose Quartz. Each of these Crystals has different effects and power of solving problems or has the different power of enhancement.The different colour Crystals possesses different kind of spiritual power or used for different enhancement purpose.For example, Amethyst is used to motivate children and to manage stress, Aquamarine is used to bring peace and calm by driving away negative thoughts or anxiety, Citrine is used to Enhance wealth, receptivity, communicative abilities and organizational skills, Clear Quartz is used toenhance career prospects, Quartz Pyramid is placed to achieve promotions, Moon Stone is used to opt for blessing with a child and many other purposes each and every stones or Crystal Vastu instruments are used.The Crystals Vastu instruments are made from variety of ethnic stones.

Vastu Crystals and instruments or items made from Vastu Crystal can be brought from shops or store where these stones or instruments are sold. There are many stores or shops like this out on the market which deals with these stones or instruments or all Vsstu instruments. Crystal Vastu stones or instruments can be brought online. It is recommended to consult an expert regard to Vastu, as different coloured Crystals are meant for different purposes of use and placing them in right direction is needed to get desired results. An expert of Vastu Shastra can provide guidance regarding placement of Crystal Stones or Crystal Vastu instruments. 

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