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Commodity Market Prediction

Commodity Market Prediction

Commodity Market Astrology prediction refers to the advance forecast of price of commodity products done by Astrologers specialist infinancial Astrology prediction. Forecast of rise or fall in price or the expected price of each and every commodity product is done by Astrologers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Yearly, monthly and weekly basis report in this regard are released at the beginning of a year, a month and a week. Daily forecast of commodity market products prices is done daily basis. Prediction on Indian and foreign commodity market’s price is done by Indian and foreign Astrologers respectively and in accordance with the different financial and technical calculation methods of different form of Astrology.

A Commodity Market is a market place where trade of primary economic sector or buying or selling primary economic products takes place. There are several commodity products likesoft commodities such as agricultural products like wheat, corn, coffee, sugar, cocoa and hard commodities such as chemical elements ormetals like gold, silver, platinum, iron and others like gas or oil, which are used by investors to gauge the health and short-term direction of the commodity market. Commodities predict its own markets with rise or fall in its price and commodity market is the market place that allows traders to invest in commodity products for future trading. Commodity market is a back bone ofthe market of end products or future markets, as the price of commodity products predicts the future price of end products and rise or fall in commodity products vastly leave impact on end product’s price. Therefore, the rise or fall in commodities is always remains major concerns of the traders or investors or active participant in these markets.

Astrology, the ancient art to evaluate and predict the fortune of every aspects of human life, keepsmany small and big traders or investors with less tension, by the means of nearly an accurate future prediction of prises or forecast in this regard, though because of several reason of planet’s position or transition prediction or forecast in many occasions failed. Many businessman or traders trades who have faith in Astrology or similar believes keep their eyes on forecast done by Astrologers in order to do well in the commodity market. Calculation and prediction of the commodity market prise or stock exchange price or future prediction on price of commodity products in Astrology based on the technique of ‘planetary price harmonics’, has been mentioned in this ancient art’s books. The basic principle of calculation in order to do prediction is converting the planets longitude into its price equivalent and adding price multiples based on certain aspects or angles formed by the planets.

Forecast service in this regard by an Astrologer who is an expert in financial and technical Astrology prediction is available online and or by other means of communication like telephonic conversation and many more. Subscribing to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis serviceagainst a fee, which is subject to repay as per renewal system of the subscription, will keep a subscriber updated time by time.




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