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Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu

Commercial complexes are those buildings which has been erected in the heart of a city or town and intended for residential apartments, offices or shopping malls and for other commercial purposes. These large multi-storied buildings or complexes are built for either offering plots on lease or for selling of plots. The business houses or companies and businessman takes on lease or buys one or more than one measured area or plot for setting up their business or office in these large complexes or buildings. Commercial apartments although defers from that of the commercial complexes built with the intention of selling plots or giving on lease, in terms of area measurements.In the commercial complexes intended for residential purpose areas are pre measured and in complexes intended for giving plots on lease or for selling plots a buyer can buy a plot in size as per his or her need, as unmeasured open areas are divided into plots with partition on sale or lease. Builder or promoter of this buildings or complexes try to utilize each and every area or corner of the erected building or complex in order to make more profit. Keeping in mind this aspect the Vastu principles for construction and interior arrangement of these types of buildings has been laid down in Vastu Shastra.

According to Vastu principles only two square or rectangular plots are ideal for making any such construction. While constructing commercial complex or building enough open space should be left all around and more open space should be left on the north and east that that of on the south and west. Slope of the selected land should be towards north-east direction and lawn and parking lot also must be constructed in the north-east direction. South-west portion may be raised. There should not be any tall and dense tee near the main building, tress may be at some distance. The main gate or entrance should be placed north or east directions and height of the main door have to be little more than that of other doors of the building or complex. Tall or large buildings or complexes should be made in a manner so that rays of the sun may reach in every room or corner of the construction and fresh air can flow through the entire space without any interruption. Height of the upper stores has to be kept less than that of the lower storey. Most of the rooms constructed should face towards north or east and length and breadth of the constructed office rooms should be as per Vastu.Well or tube well cam be constructed in the north-east portion of the complex or building and overhead tank should be placed or constructed in the north-west direction. Drained out waste water and rain water must flow towards the north or east directions. Attached toilet if required for office room should be constructed in the south-west portion of the room. Stairs must be in the south o west potion of the main building. In offices bosses should be made to sit in south-west and facing east or north. There are many other principles for constructing of same according to Vastu are to be followed.


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