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Career Astrology

Career Astrology

Career is one of the vital aspects in a person’s life. Choosing the right profession and going through a right path will add to rise in life, while wrong direction in regard to career path would make one fall down. Therefore, it is the major matter of concern for young generation. Career seekers often find it difficult to choose a particular career path or to set goals. Some though able to set goals for themselves, but often becomes dissatisfied or disappointed following low self-development or following hurdles that comes their way in professional life. Therefore, in order to becoming successful or in order to choose the career path that suits one the best and of course in order to keep sustaining a person needs consultation from an Astrologer. The time to time guidance of an expert regard to Astrology proved beneficial in becoming successful in professional life.

Astrology, the intuitive art to evaluate the fortune of human beings by analysing planetary position and byevaluating the lying factors behind future prospects in a person’s birth chat, is the best study or practise that can provide flawless, effective and best possible guidance regarding career. There is no other superior study or practise that can give an accurate prediction and guidance than Astrology in regard to career or its path.

According to the Vedic Astrology, Tenth house in a person’s horoscope, which is also called the Kendra of the natal chart, determines profession for him or her. Sign of this house and planet placement in this house in a particular person’s horoscope tells what profession would suits him or her or what will be the concerning person’s profession. Presence of lord in first house indicates satisfaction in job, business or ina particular career path. Lord’s placement in sixth house indicates problems or dissatisfaction with profession. Debilitation and exaltation and aspect of benefit or position of malefic planets or its lord in tenth house should be examined carefully in order to predict career path of a person. Position of lord of tenth house in a person’s birth chart or horoscope plays important role behind his or her status and success in job or business or in a particular profession.Placement of lord of tenth house in a person’s birth chart, strength of lord of tenth house, planets position in tenth house, transit of the lord of tenth house and Mahadasha and Antardasha presently running or whether these Dashas favourable for a person are all that an Astrologer see in a person’s horoscope to reach to a conclusion with the answer of the most frequently ask question in this regard, timing of getting job. Saturn is considered as a significant planet for job or business.Advice or guidance for venturing into a business or choosing the right one is also given by thoroughly analysing the lying factors in a person’s horoscope. 

Consultation of an Astrologer is always available by the means of the modern and technologically advanced communication methodsand by face to face consultation. Anyone can seek help in regard to career or its path from an Astrologer with the exchange or without exchange of a consultation fee, which is termed as a free service.

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