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Astrology Remedial Science

Astrology Remedial Science

The utmost ancient study of the correlation between the Astronomical positions of the planets and the events on the earth or on the human being’s life,the Astrology is a remedial science. The two major aspects of this subject are observation or studyof the distant cosmic objects, their characteristics, movements and the influence of that on human being’s life and practise of remedies that has the power to correct the evil effects of malefic planets.Astrology, regard to remedy practise is a science, though, it is not accepted by the science or the scientific community and the scientist has rejected Astrology as rubbish. Despite that Astrology still has strong reason to call itself a science, as Astrology uses scientific knowledge about heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, planets and constellation, as well as scientific sounding tools like star charts. The basic principle of Astrology is to evaluate the fortunes of the human beings, by studying the influence of the distant cosmic objects, their position and movements, which requires the scientific study of heavenly bodies.But, Astrology in terms of remedy relates itself more with science. Astrological remedy measures are essence of the knowledge of divine science. This ancient study links the effectiveness of the remedies mentioned in its treatise with the blessings of the planets, which indeed referred to the observation of the correlation between the exerted energy of the cosmic objects and the power of the remedies to absorb the same.

Astrological remedies are intended for alleviating the bad position of the planets or certain Dosh or defects and difficulties presented in the horoscope by helping the negative energies of the planets or the evil powers and bringing positive energies. There are two kinds of remedies mentioned in the Astrology, one is external remedy and another is internal remedy. External remedies are those which improve the bad situation through the contact with the external world. These remedies includes flower remedies, wearing of gems, giving of charity, moving to a suitable place and selecting a favourable Astrological moment for begin an activity. Internal remedies are those remedies that are done inwardly in order to purify oneself of the negative vibration. These remedies are such as fasting, meditation, affirmation and puja. The distant cosmic objects or the planets has certain vibration and exerts some form of positive and negative energies. Astrological remedies are intended for absorbing the rays or positive energy exerted by the planets, this is especially the working principle of gemstones, the most popular remedy of Astrology, which is wear on finger.Other remedies prescribed in Astrology too work on this principle. Thus, all the remedies of Astrology relates itself well with science, as the basic principle of these remedies for work is to bring in the positive energy exerted by the nine planets, while helping the negative energies of each of these planets. The Astrological remedies are observed thoroughly and tested like what is done for the remedies offered by science, as making sure the effectiveness of the remedies before laid down these remedies was important. This has been done accordingly to the remedies offered by Astrology to ensure their efficacy.


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