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Annual Birthday Report

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Annual Birthday Report or called in Astrological language as the Varshafal,is a birth chart prepared to sums up prospects in life of a person from current year’s birthday to following year’s birthday. The prospects lies in span of this one year or twelve months are drawn in full details by Astrologers for their clients. Positive and negative all the aspects of life of a person in the year ahead are calculated and predicted by best astrologer with the help of respective forms of Astrology to provide a year long assistance to a client. Annual Birthday Report by top astrologer is a good and best possible short term chart to be made in order to stay updated with the possible happenings in life ahead. Life in its full course took turn in different angles, sometimes the turn becomes conducive in giving good results and sometimes the results goes against the good fortune of human being. Following the natural curiosity connected with theoccurrence the unusual, the bizarre, and the unconventional events in life, this approach has become most popular one. Many people for consecutive years consult an Astrologer or give them the responsibility to prepare their Annual Birthday Report and also go by the mentions made by an Astrologer.

The Varshafal chart is made in accordance with sun completing its one cycle from a particular date to a following date and the sun is coming back in its same position as it was at the time of birth in one person’s birth chart. Prediction done by famous Astrologers following thorough examination of a person’s birth chart by calculating the planets positions and by calculating the possible transitions of the planets ahead from one house to another and effect of these transition on a person according to his or her present planetary position and the same position at the time of birth. The all factors in a person’s horoscope including present or coming Dasha and Antardasha and planetary positions or their present or future transition and effect of the same on a person or on earth are evaluated in order to come up with the details of the prospects or events likely for a particular person or for a country. As the impact of the planetary position of a country and thereby the happening in a country or state directly affect a person, therefore, this aspect is also predicted in order to advise one accordingly. Prospects either negative or positive and in every aspects of that could take place time ahead arewritten in details. Remedies if needed any in case of a problem happening now or could possibly happen in the future is advised and written in details by the Astrologer who prepares this chart.

Order for preparing of Annual Birthday Report can be given by face to face consultation or via online communication or by the means of telephonic conversation. The same according to an order will be prepared and delivered to the person ordered either in his or her hand or by post and by email.  General and special instructions in this regard are provided via telephone call or online live chat.for booking just call at +91-8930000839

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